Individual Spiritual Direction

What is it?
It is one Christian helping another to figure out how to respond to God in everyday life. The process sometimes starts because the person seeking guidance has experienced pain, loss, anxiety, alienation, dissatisfaction, or depression. The goal of spiritual direction is orientation toward the divine Mystery who guides life from its very center.

What does a spiritual director do?
The spiritual director helps the other person of faith discover what God is saying through the events and relationships of life. A good spiritual director also reflects on what the other person is saying, especially if that person is not fully aware of all the implications of what he or she has said.

How frequent are the meetings?
There is no set rule, but most people choose to meet with a spiritual director about once a month. Sometimes, it is better to meet more frequently, especially at first.

What do they talk about?
The presence and action of God in life. Since God is everywhere, they can talk about whatever is going on in relationship, not only directly with God, but also with other people, work, physical aspects of life, institutions, groups, and events. The sharpest focus spiritual direction can take is to talk about what happens in prayer.

Is it like confession?
Spiritual direction is not a sacrament. There need be no confession of sin in spiritual direction, there is no rite of absolution, and the spiritual director is often not a priest.

Is the relationship with a spiritual director confidential?
Yes, but not to the degree that the Sacrament of Reconciliation is. It is important to discuss this matter at the very first meeting with a spiritual director. There are certain violations of civil law that, if discussed within the context of spiritual direction, the director is obliged by law to report to civil authorities.


Spiritual Direction

Is spiritual direction therapy or a counseling relationship?
No, spiritual direction is focused on your relationship with God. As individuals mature in their relationship with God, they often unearth areas of their lives that also need attention with the aid of a professional therapist or counselor.

Is there a fee for spiritual direction?
Yes, a contribution of $25 to $50 is requested for each session. The contribution is made to St. Mary’s Spiritual Center. It is from your contribution that the individual spiritual directors are compensated for their time.

How do you get started?
Call 410-728-6464 to discuss the matter with no obligation to make an appointment. If you want to look into it further, you can request the free brochure, “Is Spiritual Direction for Me?”