About Our Staff

Deacon Vito S. Piazza, Sr.


Deacon Vito S. Piazza, Sr.

Deacon Vito S. Piazza, Sr.

Vito is the Director of Saint Mary’s Spiritual Center and Historic Site. His responsibilities at Saint Mary’s include: direction of docents, curating  museum exhibits, development of historical and spiritual programming, facilitation of retreats and days of reflection, and maintenance of the historical buildings and property. He earned a B.A in Religious Studies with minors in Latin American Studies and Philosophy from Notre Dame of Maryland University. He holds two masters degrees from Saint Mary’s Seminary & University Ecumenical Institute of Theology, an M.A. in Theology and an M.A. in Church Ministries with a concentration in Pastoral Care.

Blaine Carvalho


Blaine Carvalho

Blaine Carvalho joined the staff of St. Mary’s Spiritual Center and Historic Site in early April 2014. Prior to his appointment to this position, Blaine worked in the international diplomatic field for nearly a decade within the embassy of the Republic of Estonia in Washington, DC. He holds dual B.S. degrees in Business Management and Communications from Bryant University in Rhode Island and a Master of Arts in Global Affairs and Human Security from the University of Baltimore. Following his undergraduate graduation, he joined the U.S. Peace Corps as an economic advisor within the Republic of Estonia, staying on within the country to do research via a grant from the World Trade Institute, which led to his embassy career in the United States.

Board Members:

Very Rev. Daniel Moore, P.S.S. Chairman
Deacon Vito S. Piazza, Sr. President
Rev. Richard Gula, P.S.S. Vice President
Ms. Carolyn Troy Donohue, Vice Chair
Ms. Ann Lesini, Treasurer
Mr. Nicholas Blendy
Mr. Stephen Cohen
The Honorable Eric T. Costello
Sr. Suzanne Delaney, I.H.M.
Rev. Donald Grzymski, O.F.M. Conv.
Mr. Jeremy Joseph
Ms. Sharon Knecht
Rev. Martin Burnham, P.S.S.

Adjunct Staff/Spiritual Directors:

Rev. Martin Burnham, P.S.S., Ph.D.
Sr. Pamela Jablon, S.S.N.D.
Deacon Vito S. Piazza, Sr., M.A.

Terrence S. McCormack


Terrence McCormack

Before joining St. Mary’s staff, Terry McCormack had worked at Legal Aid and a small law practice in York, PA, before eventually settling into a lengthy career representing contractors in the field of government procurement. There he specialized in federal contract and transactional law.

He had earlier graduated from Loyola College (now University), Baltimore, 1968; and the University of Maryland Law School, 1972.

Terry maintains an active interest in early American history. He is a research/writer in that area, and has served as a volunteer at local historic sites.