Sister Betty Ann McNeil, D.C., Leads Tour

Sister Betty Ann McNeil, D.C.

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On Monday, September 14, 2015, the staff at St. Mary’s on Paca Street collectively stepped down from their roles as guides and guardians of history and enthusiastically joined the small audience of Daughters of Charity novices to listen to Vincentian Scholar-in-Residence and noted Elizabeth Ann Seton scholar Sister Betty Ann McNeil, D.C., as she took us around the Site and brought the history of Mother Seton and the Sulpician Fathers alive during her tour.

As much as we enjoy conducting tours, it is always our pleasure when a dedicated researcher and noted author can take us down the avenues of history and offer us a chance to look upon our Site and the memories and treasures it holds in a new light. Thank you, Sister McNeil, for the enlightenment and for your visit!)