Walk of Mercy

On March 19th, 2016, St. Mary’s Historic Seminary Chapel and the grounds of St. Mary’s Spiritual Center & Historic Site hosted the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s “Walk of Mercy” in which more than 350 people followed in the footstep of Christ. Organized by tireless Margaret Brogden, Coordinator of Youth Ministry Formation, the pre-pilgrimage activities included talks of vocations led by two sisters of the Oblate Sisters of Providence (an order begun by Mother Mary Lange here in 1829), a movie about the history of St. Mary’s on Paca Street, and other stations through which participants could confess and still others pick up bags of necessities to offer to those less fortunate. Still other volunteers fortified participants with hot chocolate and snacks before the walk. The atmosphere was one of understanding and sharing, festive and reverent, with the tone set by Archbishop William E. Lori. St. Mary’s was honored to be the gathering point of Baltimore’s celebration of, and tribute to, Christ.

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